Riding Shotgun? More like, Riding NOT-done. Am I right?

Posted by toddspooner

Dear family and friends of Zach Anner and Riding Shotgun,

As it turns out, we were supposed to have a premiere today, but have delayed the launch of Riding Shotgun until the 23rd. I know many of you are asking yourselves, “Why would you do that, you jerk?! Did you finally get a girlfriend and now Blanche is taking up all your time?” The answer is no. Blanche and I broke up two weeks ago. The truth is we needed just a little more time to make the show the best it can be, and to ensure we can consistently deliver myself to you so you don’t go into withdrawals. If you were sitting at home all day waiting for us to deliver videos, I’d like to apologize, but my contract prohibits me from apologizing.

Thanks in advance for enjoying the show.